Restore Your Home After a Fire or Flood

Call for an emergency water cleanup in Marion, Carbondale & Herrin, IL

A flood or a fire can severely damage your property. That's why Restoration Connection Inc. provides emergency water cleanup and fire restoration services in the Marion, Carbondale & Herrin, IL area. We have extensive experience dealing with flooding and have helped home and business owners recover from the effects of seven natural disasters since our opening. Our 45-minute response time means that we will arrive quickly to keep the damage from getting worse.

If a disaster has damaged your home or commercial space, get the flooding or fire restoration services you need from Restoration Connection Inc. in Marion & Herrin, Illinois. Call us now.

Flooding can take a toll on your structure

Flooding can take a toll on your structure

If your home or business has been flooded, it's important to get an emergency water cleanup done as quickly as possible. You'll need to dry out your space completely to prevent water damage from getting worse and causing larger problems. Water damage can:

  • Weaken your structure
  • Damage furnishings
  • Encourage mold growth



If a burst pipe or flooding has damaged your property, call 888-772-2775 to schedule an emergency water cleanup.